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Duplitrade is an online platform that offers traders and investors the best in class expert advisory services. It is geared towards both crypto and FX traders, but also supports a variety of strategic indicators. In other words, Duplitrade is a place where traders seek strategic investment or trading solutions from tried-and-true providers. Besides, the platform comes packed with additional features and settings that include auto trades.

Perhaps of more significance is that all the strategy providers featured on the platform are real-world traders who are investing their own money. In a way, you get to copy the best trading strategies for free.

DupliTrade - How Do I Join?

More About DupliTrade

By enabling investors and would-be traders to build robust portfolios and spruce up their ongoing trading activities, DupliTrade is creating an ecosystem of well-informed trading community. With several strategy providers, investors can do a bit of research to determine which expert advisor solutions are best geared towards their needs and investment ambitions.

The way the platform is set up is that the users can also manipulate their trading parameters to get a handle on their trade multipliers, money management options, and keep track of their positions and trades as well as losses and profits in the real-time.

Who’s the Team Behind DupliTrade?

When you look through the About Us of DupliTrade.com, you’ll not find tangible info about the developers, owners or financiers of the project.  However, from the little we got, we can tell you that the software or platform is operated by DupliTrade Ltd which is possibly based out of the EU.

Automated Made Simple: Key Features of Duplitrade

Minimum Deposit?

Yes, you have to deposit at least $5,000 to start getting EA strategies from the platform. It’s a prerequisite before you start trading. Nonetheless, the software and website is free to use.

Discover Top-Notch Strategies

The EA platform is designed to offer you plenty of trading strategies, opportunities, and whatnot. This way, you can discover better ways to trade and invest, anywhere anytime. That’s right; DupliTrade allows you to get up to the minute access to a wide selection of strategy providers.

Tools for Diversifying your Portfolio

The platform makes it effortlessly easy to find, research, and pick the strategies that are the best fit for your investment needs. Even better, you can adjust trading parameter accordingly so you can create a robust portfolio and take your trades to the next level.

Easy: Duplicate

Everything on the platform is fully automated so you can select the best strategy provider, click duplicate, and start trading like a pro. DupliTrade enables investors to step up their trading by leveraging innovative tech and forex EA.

Who are DupliTrade Strategic Providers

There are 5 strategic providers currently active on the platform. Each, of course, offers a refreshed and on-point approach to financial trading and investing in cryptocurrency. These are real-world traders/investors with live MT4 accounts.

Cryptoz: This is your cryptocurrency-oriented genius. The provider comes up with investment signals based on blow-by-blow intraday bounces and swings in ever-volatile crypto exchanges. If you are looking for EA on how to call short or long on cryptocurrencies, look no further than cryptoz.

Spider: this trading strategy is geared towards traders who want to turn a profit on both a volatile and regular market conditions. It gives a particular focus on trend-detection triggers which allow you to position entry and exit points effectively.

Titan: the provide looks to offer strategies that will help you balance out risk and reward asymmetry by determining leverage, risk allocation, and how to scale in and out of trade rounds.

Sniper: ever heard that “earning money should be boring?” Well, get all the lowdown from Sniper.

Legacy: this provider has incredibly high ROI and more followers, so it should tell you something.

Which Brokerages are Supported?

The following brokerage firms are supported by DupliTrade: FXPro, FXDD, FxGrow, AvaTrade, ICMarkets, AXITrader, and Pepperstone.

Should I trust DupliTrade?

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, the transparency of Duplitrade’s EA approach will come in handy. The website works only with licensed and regulated brokerages. So, the answer is yes, you should consider DupliTrade robust features.

Conclusion – A Serious Platform for Serious Traders

DupliTrade is a flexible platform that brings together a broad range of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual trading strategies. It’s worth your time, effort, and money.

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