BitVit creates a global network for health centers that accept cryptocurrencies


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Although life expectancies are rising all around the world, Yet BitVit has a feeling that these increasing years of life are dominated by many years of illness and sicknesses. Its white paper claimed that German woman can currently live until they are 83, but only 72 of them possess good health. Whereas for men the average lifespan is 78 years out of which 9 of them are shattered by sicknesses.

BitVit wishes to create a “holistic solution” which would include creating an intellectual exchange between industry experts and scientists, with their expertise and then be shared with the public. This is hope that the future generations would be “more knowledgeable and healthier as a result.”

The main focus of its concept shall be Yllasports canters. Also, it wishes to be able to rent out sports equipment’s such as bicycles and also receive training from former professional athletes, the company plan includes providing a wide range of activities at these canters which includes yoga, Zumba, cardiovascular training, Pilates and specialized lessons for seniors.

There would also be a special focus on nutrition’s, counseling and weight loss challenges and engaging customers in cooking classes. Meanwhile, the nutrition’s are planning on ways to reach out to the public and provide them with help in regards to improve health, alleviate skin conditions, lower blood pressure and improve their overall medical wellbeing.

Embracing crypto

BitVit foresees that all of these goods and services would be paid through BitVit coin, a specially created cryptocurrency and this payment method would be used by all the sports centers – also with customers receiving a bonus coin and discounts each time they have a completely successful transaction.

In its, Whitepaper BitVit reveals its aim of using cryptocurrencies to its true potential in for the health sector.

According to its Whitepaper, “Through the introduction of the BitVit Coin, we have the possibility to enhance trust, networking and acceleration in the business. It is the predominant way for the market to develop digitally, take its next steps, and increase its social spread.”

As per the plan, BitVit’s coin will be one component of a six-part ecosystem. Also, the company is developing an App in which it will be possible to do “cost-efficient and borderless” cryptocurrency transactions while also allowing users to sell data to researchers in exchange for rewards. And in addition to this BitVit also plans to launch an exchange wherein it will be possible to exchange BitVit coins into euros and other fiat currencies. Also, users will have the choice of getting a crypto-debit card in which they can load all their cryptocurrency.

BitVit has set a minimum purchase of 100 BitVit Coins, with the start-up aiming to reach a fundraising goal of $60 million.



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